The Right Fit for
the Right People.

High Performers Recruiting High Performers

At BWG, we source high performing people and provide them with the environment in which to perform at their highest levels. This leads to the direct benefit of both the candidate and our client company. 

Experienced Professionals

We recruit experienced professionals who have delivered significant business contributions in executive leadership roles throughout their careers. BWG has successfully placed C-level executives, Vice President and Directors as well as key Manufacturing Operations, Sourcing/Supply Chain, R&D, Sales, Product Management, Marketing, IT, HR and Finance executives in a variety of businesses.

Manufacturing/Supply Chain

General Management, Operations, Production Leadership, Process Development/ Improvement PSI Demand Forecasting, Planning, Strategic Procurement, ERP, Inventory Management, Warehousing, Logistics and Distribution

Engineering/ Continuous Improvement/Quality

Engineering: Engineering Management, Maintenance/Reliability, Control & Automation, Project Engineering/Management, Process Engineering, Design Engineering
CI/Quality: Lean, Six Sigma, 5S, Black Belt / Green Belt, Lean Sigma, JIT, Kanban, Operations Excellence, Productivity Improvement, Kaizen, TPM, TQM, ISO

Technology /Compliance/ Environmental

Technology: Research & Development, Innovation, Product Development, Laboratory, Specialized PHD/ Tech Contributors

Compliance/Environmental: Regulatory & Sustainability, EHS, Geotechnical, Water & Air Quality Specialist, Ecologist

Sales /Marketing /Product Management

Technical Sales: Strategic Selling, Key Account Management, Business Development/Specifications, Sales Management, Sales Planning & Execution, Customer Services Management

Marketing: Market Research, E-Commerce, Digital & Social Media, Brand Development, Merchandising, Public Relations, VOC (Voice of Customer) KPI implementation, CRM- Customer Relationship Management, Digital Governance

Product Management: Marketing Strategy, Market Segmentation, Pricing, Multi Generation Product Planning (MGPP), Stage Gate Product Development Process, New Product Introductions (NPI)

Finance /Information Technology/Human Resources

Finance: Financial Planning and Strategy, Managing Profitability, Strategic Planning, Vision, Quality Management, Promoting Process Improvement, Forecasting, Corporate Finance, Developing Budgets, Financial Skills, Dealing with Complexity

IT: Strategic Leadership of Enterprise Collection of Hardware, Software, Networks, Data centers, Facilities and Related Equipment, Enterprise Technological Infrastructure Performance Optimization, Designing and Customizing Systems and Platforms to Improve Customer Experience

HR: Development and Execution of Human Resource Strategy, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Change Management, Organizational and Performance, Labor Negotiations, Recruiting & Staffing